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Silicone Blender

Silicone Blender

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Throw away your makeup sponges our Silicone Blender is the only one you'll NEED!

Ever wonder why you're going through so much foundation?

Normal make up sponges absorb over 2/3 of your product. With our blenders you'll use less product meaning your foundation will last you longer and another bonus you'll have more money in your pocket!!

Apply your foundation or concealer the same way you would with a sponge, no skills required.

They are easy to clean simply run under warm water and it's ready to use again.

 1 supplied per order 

Care Instructions

Keep out of children's reach

Keep out of direct sunlight

Should the blender pierce dispose of immediately

Keep away from sharp objects for example scissors or tweezers

Clean in warm water

PLEASE NOTE - the blender is ready to use. There is not a protective film on the blender please do not attempt to peel the edges away from the blender. This will result in damage to your blender and exempt you for a refund.


Released on 3rd March 2017